Recently I found myself very hard to fall asleep. Yesterday I happened to see this article. The author explains why using cellphones before going to bed is harmful to sleep in this article. What he said seems to make sense. So I left my cellphone out of my bedroom before going to bed last night.

At first, I was not used to lying in bed without doing anything, and unconsciously tried to find something to focus on. It took me quite a long time to relax completely.

This morning, I awoke much earlier than usual. I tried to get my cellphone habitually before opening my eyes. However, of cause, I couldn’t. I forgot that I had left it in the living room. I would pick the cellphone up and play around with it if I had the cellphone near me at that time. The alarm had not gone off, which means I still had some time. I closed my eyes, tried to fall asleep again. However, I became wide awake soon.

I felt energetic more than ever. I quickly get washed and changed, made me breakfast of eggs and milk. When I finished all this, there was still plenty of time before going to work. I did some cleanning, read some pages of a book and listened to an English audio program.

I extended the time of the morning by putting my cellphone away. Spending too much time on cellphones isn’t only a waste of time, but also impact the sleep quality.